The trade union for those who work in the industry and energy sectors

We negotiate with your bosses on your behalf. And we put pressure on the politicians to improve the conditions for workers. Together our influence grows stronger.

Why become a member?

By joining Industri Energi you will never have to stand alone.

We have more than 3000 union representatives and many employees with a high degree of competency in labour laws and intimate knowledge of your industry.

Through membership with us and our very favourable insurance policies you can receive assistance when you need it, both at work and in your private life.

The Norwegian model

The Norwegian model has proved resilient and it generates interest among social engineers in other parts of the world. It has produced high rates of employment, effective adaptability and a learning world of work. This society did not create itself. Organised interest communities have been instrumental in developing Norway’s democracy and welfare state.

The labour movement in particular has played an important role in ensuring democracy, economic growth, gender parity, balanced redistribution and safety for all citizens. Political cooperation has been instrumental in imprinting our values on the Norwegian society and will continue to do so in future. Today, Norway proves that balanced redistribution is not an obstacle to economic growth but rather a precondition.