The date is now set for the first trial on quarantine compensation

“Our first pilot case on quarantine compensation is scheduled for Sør-Rogaland District Court 20-24. November” says Karianne Rettedal, head of the legal department at Industri Energi.

Industri Energi has so far brought two pilot cases before the Sør-Rogaland district court, respectively against the rig company Transocean and the supply company ESS. A summons was sent in June 2023 for these.

The case against Transocean is scheduled for 20-24th November 2023. The case will be heard at the courthouse in Stavanger.

In the case against ESS, the deadline for the company to respond is 10 September. The case will be scheduled after a scheduled meeting in the court.

“We will file two further pilot lawsuits early this autumn for members within the operator and offshore service areas” says Rettedal.

“What concerns the conciliation appeals that were taken out this spring, we are now continuously receiving decisions on recomandations from the conciliation council in Stavanger. These claims will be dealt with in the future, in parallel with the pilot lawsuits” she explains.

In total, the demands for quarantine compensation against 46 businesses amount to just under NOK 500 million for our members.