Compensation for mandatory quarantine

This page was last updated on 22.06.2023.

Questions regarding your individual case?

Industri Energi does not provide feedback in individual cases due to these being suspended by the conciliation council awaiting the outcome of the pilot cases.

The first pilot case is likely to come before the court sometime between December 2023 and February 2024.

Please contact your Workshop Steward for more information.

Industri Energi has prepared claims for compensation for imposed quarantine on our members during the corona pandemic. This work began in September 2023 and the claims have now been brought before the courts.

Claims have been put forward against 46 companies on behalf of 678 members. Thus, the statute of limitations has been interrupted and the claims have been processed in time for everyone who has submitted complete documentation.

The deadline for joining the suit was 13 may 2023 and has now passed.

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Here you will find an overview of the current process.

21 November 2022

Industri Energi sent out a questionnaire regarding compensation for quarantine

5 December 2022

Members’ deadline for sending the claim to their employer

11 December 2022

An email containing instructions on how to upload the documents to Industri Energi is sent to members

4 January 2023

Deadline for uploading the documents to My page (minside)

10 March 2023

Deadline for any remaining documents to be sent to Industri Energi

12 March 2023

Three years since COVID-19 quarantine regulations were introduced in Norway

29 March 2023

The second round of claims: Industri Energi has now filed 594 claims against 30 companies.

30 April 2023

The third round of claims: Industri Energi has filed 624 claims against 31 companies.

<br>14 May 2023<br>

Final deadline for members: It is no longer possible to join the suit

30 May 2023

The fourth round of claims: Industri Energi has filed 678 claims against 46 companies.

22 June 2023

Information Session for Shop Stewards