Compensation for mandatory quarantine

This page was last updated 03.03.2023

Industri Energi has prepared claims for compensation for imposed quarantine on our members during the corona pandemic. This work began in September 2023 and the claims have now been brought before the courts.

In the first round, claims have been put forward against 26 businesses on behalf of over 300 members. Thus, the statute of limitations has been interrupted and the claims have been processed in time for everyone who has submitted complete documentation.

The claims expire three years after the day the employee should have received their salary for the quarantine period.

To whom does this apply?

This applies to employees:

  • Who were required by their employers and/or the authorities to undergo quarantine in relation to travelling for work, and who have received no, or only partial, compensation for this.
  • Who at the time were members of Industri Energi
  • Who have not withdrawn and joined another union since.
    (This does not apply to residents abroad who have had to join another union in order to receive benefits in their home countries and others who have changed unions internally within the Norwegian Confederation Of Trade Unions (LO))

This does not apply to employees:

  • Who only underwent exposure quarantine because of their own illness or close contact with infected persons
  • Who were instructed by the authorities to quarantine on returning from leisure/private travel

If a civil action is filed by Industri Energi, legal proceedings and costs will be covered by the union.