Agreement in the negotiations on the mobile rig agreement

IE&FLT reached Friday morning an agreement with the Norwegian Shipping Association in the negotiations on the mobile rig agreement. – We have secured our members in the floating rig area a significant wage increase and a better pension, says union leader Frode Alfheim in IE&FLT.

After two days of negotiations in Oslo, IE&FLT and the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association have reached a result that gives floating rig employees and employees in platform drilling a significant pay rise.

– Through demanding negotiations, we have succeeded in arriving at a solid result, without having to go to mediation, says confederation leader Frode Alfheim.

Employees on the floating rig agreement are given a general supplement of NOK 43,000, including holiday pay.

For the group of individually paid employees, a salary supplement is given within a minimum framework of 5.3 per cent, however, so that each individually paid employee must be guaranteed a salary supplement of at least NOK 43,000.

The rate on the defined contribution pension has been important for IE&FLT to improve. It is increased to the 4/15 scheme, which corresponds to NOK 8,200.

Increases several technical additions

There is also agreement between the parties to increase a number of technical supplements in the collective agreement. Among other things, compensation of NOK 850 per day is given for deviations in the work schedule, sharing of a cabin is compensated with NOK 1,035 and smoke divers on the emergency plan are paid NOK 1,000 per month.

The night supplement is increased by NOK 5 and the public holiday supplement is increased by NOK 25 to NOK 2,300.

Compensation for washing down an infected room is increased to NOK 575 per wash, while work that involves opening the sewage system is compensated with NOK 575 per shift that has to carry out such work.

If the employee is called in for a consultation during his/her free period, this is compensated with hourly payment, plus 65 per cent for elapsed meeting time, however a minimum of six hours. For online meetings, a minimum of two hours applies.

3,600 members on the agreement

The floating rig agreement covers nearly 3,600 IE&FLT members who work in companies such as Odfjell Drilling, Noble Drilling Norge, Transocean, COSL Drilling, Island Drilling, Seadrill, Saipem, Archer, RTC Offshore, KCA Modu, Shelf Drilling, Akofs Offshore, Knutsen OAS, Sodexo, Aramark Norge Offshore, ESS, 4service Offshore and more.

Industri Energi & Forbundet for management og teknik (IE&FLT) is LO’s fourth largest confederation with over 80,000 members within the oil, gas and land based industry.

*The union decided on May 21st to change its name to Forbundet Styrke, but until the date for the new name is fixed, IE&FLT will still be used as a temporary name.

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