Agreement in mediation, no strike on the mobile offshore units

On 28 June, Industri Energi reached an agreement in mediation with the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association.

– We have ensured that everyone under this collective agreement has received a good wage settlement, says union leader Frode Alfheim in Industri Energi.

He explains that throughout the negotiation and mediation, Industri Energi has stood by the demand for a good percentage supplement.

– And we got approval for that, says Alfheim.

Lifts all groups on the agreement

The result implies a general addition of 6.5 per cent. For the group of individually paid employees in the individual company, a salary supplement is given within a minimum framework of 6.5 per cent, however, so that each individual employee must be guaranteed a salary supplement of at least 5.2 per cent.

Minimum wage rates for all groups are increased by 6.5 per cent, including holiday pay.

In addition, the night supplement will be increased by NOK 5.50 to NOK 102.50 per hour. While the public holiday allowance is increased by NOK 75 to NOK 2,275 per day.

The result takes effect from 1 June 2023.

Ensures competitiveness

At the start of the negotiations in May, Frode Alfheim emphasized that this year Industri Energi expected “a wage settlement that ensures that this industry is competitive in the battle for labour”.

– The result in this year’s salary settlement contributes to just that. This makes the rig industry attractive to young people who are going to choose a career path. It is necessary because the industry needs more people, says Alfheim.

The Mobile offshore units agreement covers just under 4,000 Industri Energi members on mobile offshore units, as well as within platform drilling on permanently located facilities on the Norwegian continental shelf.

This year there is an interim settlement, so called “mellomoppgjør”, which means that only salary adjustments are being negotiated. This differs from the main settlement, where all the provisions of the collective agreements are negotiated.