Union representative denied access to accommodation rig

Photo: Dan Arvid Bjørsvik/Petro.no
Photo: Dan Arvid Bjørsvik/Petro.no

torsdag 16. april 2015

Union representative Fraser Knox from Industri Energi is denied onboard Prosafe`s new rig,Safe Boreas. Justification from the company is that the crew is busy.

The accommodation rig arrived in Norway on Sunday 12 April this year and is moored at Mekjarvik Kai in Randaberg.

Prosafe, which owns the accommodation rig Safe Boreas has given notice to the representative Fraser Knox from Industri Energi that he will not get to visit the rig crew.

The reason for denying stated Prosafe because the crew is busy.


In violation of Norwegian law and collective agreements

-This is clearly contrary to Norwegian law and collective agreement that the company has undertaken to comply with, says Knox.

– A Representatives right to visit rigs are laid down in the Basic Agreement.

Not the first time

Union representative Fraser Knox from Industri Energi
Union representative Fraser Knox from Industri Energi

This is not the first time Fraser Knox and Industri Energi has been denied access to the rig.

– On the way to Norway the rig had a stop in Las Palmas in the Canary Islands. Prosafe stated that it was only a very short stay for a crew change and to refuel. In retrospect I have been told that the rig was lying in port much longer than the company claimed, says Knox.

-Although the rig lay outside Norway we had expected to be allowed to visit the crew.

Breaks ethical rules

Prosafe`s rules for ethical behavior is that one should follow applicable laws.

– We are questioning that Prosafe is acting contrary to common practice for companies operating on the Norwegian shelf, says Knox.

Knox does not believe that the companies that hire these rigs should want to be associated with a company that deliberately violates Norwegian law and collective agreements.

– I encourage Prosafe to welcome the union onboard the accommodation rig, says Knox. If they do not, they should not be welcome in this country.