Negotiations on the mobile rig agreement has begun

Frode Alfheim (right) leads the negotiations for Industri Energi. opening of negotiations. Photo: Atle Espen Helgesen
Frode Alfheim (right) leads the negotiations for Industri Energi. opening of negotiations. Photo: Atle Espen Helgesen

tirsdag 22. september 2020

Negotiations between Industri Energi and the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association began on Tuesday afternoon in Oslo. – We expect a general wage rise and several important adjustments in the mobile rig agreement, says union leader in Industri Energi, Frode Alfheim .

Frode Alfheim has a clear expectation that the members will have increased purchasing power in line with the Norwegian model and that a number of provisions in the agreement will be adjusted.

-Despite the special situation we are in with coronavirus, I am glad that we follow the Norwegian model and are able to meet for negotiations. Industri Energi is concerned with securing and preserving jobs, and we have worked with employers to put in place a package of measures for the oil industry. We now expect real negotiations to take place. We demand both salary increases for members and have several technical requirements that reflect the changes in the industry, he says.

During the start of the negotiations, Alfheim also addressed challenges regarding companies’ and different handling of corona and quarantine. – We cannot have it as it currently is enforced. Quarantine is a burden for those who it affects. When you also have different handling between companies, it is unsustainable. The companies must agree on a common way of dealing with this, he says.

Union leader Frode Alfheim and 13 shop stewards are participating in Industri Energi’s collective bargaining negotiations with the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association. Two days have been set aside for the negotiations.

The mobile rig agreement applies to mobile offshore units, as well as platform drilling on permanently placed facilities on the Norwegian shelf. Industri Energi has over 4,500 members within the area, which adds up to two thirds of all who work under the agreement.

This year is the main settlement, where all the provisions in the collective agreements are up for negotiations, in addition to wages. We have the right to strike included.

Industri Energi’s negotiating committee:

Frode Alfheim, union leader / negotiator

Bår Inge Pedersen, NR-forum leader , Maersk

Frode Larsen, Maersk

Svein Markset, Transocean

Harald Hereid, Odfjell Drilling

Kenneth Drageide, Seadrill

Espen Kristoffersen, Dolphin Drilling

Robert de Vries, Saipem

John Ludvigsen, Valaris / Rowan

Kristian Enoksen, KCA Modu

Einar Åge Vae, Archer

Roald Hammer, Archer – (Individually paid)

Ronny Østebrød, 4service offshore

Leif Harall Salomonsen, Sodexo

Øyvind Hopland, Industri Energi

Gro Losvik, Industri Energi

Jørn Erik Bøe, Industri Energi

Atle Espen Helgesen, Industri Energi (communications)