LO-Norway is on strike

We have come out on strike because the employers failed to come up with an offer that would give our members more money in their pockets.

LO’s demands in these negotiations were:

  • Improved purchasing power for our members
  • An additional increase for groups of low-paid workers, many of whom are women
  • This year’s settlement should reduce inequalities

Our goal in these negotiations was that our members should get more money in their pockets. One area of particular concern was that our members in low-paid occupations should be given an additional pay rise. The mandate we had from General Council was to improve the purchasing power of our members. An additional goal was that this settlement should help to reduce inequalities between various groups of workers.

The proposal that was tabled would have failed to improve the purchasing power of large groups of our members. That was why we said “No”. The outcome for our lowest-paid members would have been poor, and we could not agree to that. We never reached a level in the bargaining where our demands would have been met.

  • Number of strikers:
    • About 23,000 LO members are on strike from Monday, 17 April
    • A further 16,500 will come out on strike on Friday, 21 April
    • Additional members can be taken out subject to five days’ notice
    • In total, some 185,000 LO members are affected by the industrial action

Industri Energi is one of 25 unions which is connected to LO-Norway. Industri Energi is a part of this strike with 2961 members from 18 different factories/companies. This will increase with 1308 additional members on April 21th.