Corona situation and membership in Industri Energi upon layoff

torsdag 19. mars 2020

In connection with the situation around the corona virus and layoffs, there has been many questions from our members about membership and union dues.


If you are laid off from your employer, you will no longer be paid salary after the employer’s period is over.

Instead, you will receive a giro sent from Industry Energy of NOK. 251, – pr. per month, NOK 344 – if you also have travel insurance. This goes to cover the cost of maintaining the collective insurance policies included in the membership of Industri Energi.

For non Nordic members the union deduction is 121 nok per month and 180 nok if you have the legal assistance.

In this connection, it is important that we have registered the correct information on you, including your address. Go to select «Min side» and check your details are correct.

You can also set up direct debit through “Min side” which makes deductions easier for non-residents removing international bank transfers. Within Min side click payment agreement, add card for payment agreement, input details and click register.

For those of you who currently work in a company without a collective agreement and pay union dues directly to Industri Energi, send an email to or call +4722 03 22 00 and notify us that you have been laid off.

You will then receive the same giro to cover the collective insurances.

Other insurance and banking:

Insurance currently paid directly by the member continues as before.

Contact your local Savings Bank 1 if you have any questions about your insurance policies.

If you are a customer of Sparebank 1 and need to discuss changed financial situation due to layoffs, contact Sparebank 1.

For other questions:

If you have questions about the corona situation and layoffs, contact your local shop steward.

Follow Industri Energi’s website and Facebook. Industri Energi has also created a theme page for the corona crisis. You can find it here (In Norwegian only).

You can also read the attached file about measures taken on Covid outbreak in Norway.