Messages of solidarity for our striking members

The strike in SLB UK has started and Industri Energi is receiving a stream of statements of support for the striking members, both from land and continental shelf, both from Norway and internationally.

To give your support to the strikers, send an email to

The collaboration committee for oil service in Industri Energi is giving its support to the strikers in SLB UK. The collaboration committee represents over 7,000 members in the oil service, land base and helicopter industry.
The collaboration committee for oil service gives its full support to SLB UK employees who demand a collective agreement.We cannot accept social dumping on the Norwegian continental shelf. The members of SLB UK perform services within the scope of the Oil Service Agreement and are in their full right to demand that the collective agreement be enforced so that they are guaranteed the same pay and working conditions as other actors in oil service on the Norwegian continental shelf.It is totally unacceptable that SLB UK threatens employees with dismissal if they go on a legal strike.”

The collaboration committee FLESK in the Chemical Industries gives our full support to the strikers in SLB UK who are striking to get a collective agreement. It is a fair fight to get fair wages and working conditions. We cannot accept that the employer refuses the collective agreement that ensures the employees fair wages and working conditions on the Norwegian continental shelf. Keep up the fight, comrades! This is a fight for all of us.

Unite, which is Britain’s second largest trade union with over 1.2 million members, gives full support and recognition to the strike. “It is no surprise that SLB UK does not want to recognize the oil service agreement (OSA), at the same time that the company is trying to pressure British workers’ terms and conditions in the Norwegian sector.

RMT states that they stand in solidarity with the employees of “Island Captain”.
RMT supports their fight for collective bargaining rights with employer SLB UK. We stand shoulder to shoulder with our Industri Energi colleagues in the fight to ensure justice“.

RMT organizes, among other things, employees on vessels and floating rigs on the British shelf, as well as ports and supply bases. The association has 83,000 members.

The section that organizes seafarers and offshore employees in Denmark in the union Dansk Metal also gives full support to the strike against SLB UK.

Metal Maritime stands behind our Norwegian colleagues from Industri Energi and the people on board “Island Captain” in their fight to achieve a collective agreement and Norwegian conditions on vessels in the Norwegian sector.We will work with local trade unionists in Esbjerg to support our Norwegian and British comrades in their fight for orderly relations“.

The Catering Offshore Trade Association (COTA), which represents over 3,000 employees in seven catering companies on the British shelf, also announces that it is giving its support to the strike.

Industri Energi Odfjell stands fully behind the strikers in their demand for a collective agreement and better pay and working conditions on the Norwegian continental shelf. They send the following:

“On behalf of the Industri Energi Odfjell club, we would like to express our support for the striking workers in Schlumberger UK on board “Island Captain”.

We cannot and will not accept social dumping on the Norwegian continental shelf.

Social dumping together with very long working days is a major safety risk.

This is an important and principled strike that we fully support.

We stand together with the employees of Schlumberger UK on board “Island Captain” and demand security in their workplace as well as pay and working conditions in line with Industri Energi’s collective agreements.

The Coordinating comittee for members in the oil sector. Photo: Atle Espen Helgesen

The Coordinating comittee for members in the oil sector represents 8500 members, of which the majority are employed in the operating companies on the Norwegian continental shelf.

The coordinating comittee fully supports Industri Energi’s members in SLB UK’s right to a tariff agreement. “We urge all our members to behave in a comradely fashion towards the members who are on strike, and to show understanding for the situation they are in. The comitee urges SLB UK to return to the negotiations and find a solution together with Industri Energi“.